About Us

  Our spirit animal is the Leopard, meaning we stand for personal power, self confidence, and courageousness as the face of our diversity.
We are the embodiment of the ultimate embrace of your female energy and ultra-cool rock star attitude; while channelling the inner carefreeness of your ever youthful heart.     
We are patient and persistent in bestowing you the level of customer satisfaction and gratification that you rightly deserve, and as the Leopard- We are prideful in knowing that you will be entirely euphoric, from beginning to end, with your experience with us.
With our greatest desire being to fulfill every promise we've made to you, we know that you will love your KILLER LOX extensions...
Our hair is sumptuous, luxuriant, and truly high quality.

We @ KILLER LOX thank you for your support of our brand- we are truly  honoured to be a part of your journey to great hair, and most importantly, your self expression.
We love you.